Bachelor of Arts (B.A)


Three Year Degree Course

Consisting of 6 Semesters

Compulsory Subjects:

(a) English (b) Alternative English

Elective Subject (Any Two for English Honours and any three for others)

(a) History (b) Political Science (c) Education (d) Economics (e) Sociology



Honours is offered in the following subjects:

 (a) English  (b) History  (c) Political Science  (d) Education  (e) Economics  (f) Sociology


*Pass mark for the semester system is 45%. Students must secure pass mark in both internal assessment and end semester exams to pass to the next semester. A student is allowed a maximum of 2 backpapers (backlogs) to proceed to the next semester.

*Please note that every programe has limited seats and admission requirements and procedures may vary for certain courses.



One time Registration fee               = Rs. 800/- 

Admission fee for one semester    = Rs. 6000/-

                                         TOTAL      = Rs. 6800/-


Monthly fees:

General   = Rs. 800/- per month

Honours  = Rs. 900/- per month