The college has adequate R.C.C multi-storeyed buildings with proper infrastructure for classrooms, stores, office, etc., which is well protected by security walls. The building is designed and located ideally to provide good academic atmosphere for students. The college has a large campus to suit the needs of the students and it is ideally located in the heart of Dimapur town.

There is a separate Hostel building inside the college campus where hostel accommodation is available for boys and it is looked after by experienced and God fearing warden. The purpose of the hostel is to provide more study hours and promote character and personality development. The hostellers are provided with wholesome food are given the opportunity to develop themselves both mentally and physically.

                 The college boasts a Library with a good number of books, journals, magazines and newspapers for easy access and strengthening, enlightening and encouraging the reading skills of the students. The Library also has reading rooms for the students and is looked after by an experienced Librarian.

The college has a canteen inside the campus for both the students and the staff of the institution. The canteen provides wholesome, hygienic and affordable food for all the students.

            With the aim of developing a sound mind and body, provisions are made for proper access and development of games and sports spirit in every student. The college boasts a basketball court, volleyball court, indoor badminton & Table Tennis court and adequate campus space for all games and sports. Every year various games and sports events are held in the campus and the students are also encouraged to participate in inter college events.


Assembly is conducted in the morning with the purpose of imparting moral education and to improve personality of students by making them participate in prayer, singing, scripture reading and short speeches, etc.

CCTV cameras with night vision are installed throughout the college campus and the buildings to provide security and help maintain discipline in the school. The main gate is manned with a gatekeeper during college hours to monitor entry and exit of people and vehicles.


The college has its own transformer installed in the campus and along with a 40 KVA diesel generator; it is able to provide uninterrupted power supply in the campus.


The college has implemented an SMS system by which it is able to send important information and notices to the parents and students.

There is a Book Room for the students in the college campus where stationery items are available. Uniforms can also be procured from the Book Room and these are made available throughout the year. The Book Room also offers photocopying facility where the students or parents can photocopy their documents or study materials.