Co curricular activities are of paramount importance to bring about an all round development of personality. In order to bring about over all development, the institution provides different activities apart from the book knowledge by organising different programmes and competitions.

  Ideally there are four different clubs such as Literary club, Music club, Ecology club and Cultural club. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday are undertaken as activity day where the students perform different activities such as creative and constructive thinking, exercises, art and music workshops, cultural and environmental awareness programme, etc. , in the respective clubs under the guidance of the teacher in- charge.

        Annual competitions in singing, quiz, recitation, art, extempore speech and debate are some important co-curricular activities in the school calendar. Besides these, there are also HIV/AIDS Awareness & Peace Channel Club functioning hand in hand with the other clubs.

          The school also conducts a Sports Meet annually where all the students get the opportunity to compete with one another in the spirit of sportsmanship.

The students are also encouraged and allowed to participate in competitions with other schools from time to time.

         The senior students also undertake educational tours to different parts of the country as part of their extracurricular activities. The students are accompanied by teachers and are taken to places with historical values.



        As per SCERT directive and guidelines, the school academic year is divided into three (3) phases, viz., first, second and third quarterly assessment.

         Each quarterly assessment is conducted for 60 marks for external assessment and 40 marks for internally assessment, thereby at the end of the academic year, a student is evaluated for 300 marks for every individual subjects.

Every prescribed text book and courses are prescribed and divided into three (3) pattern of syllabus to complete the academic year.

     LKG and UKG will be evaluated for 40 marks in the form of class work, weekly test, mentor skill development, personal attributes, personal aptitude and so on throughout the academic session.

      For secondary and higher secondary, two (2) assessment evaluation, viz., mid terminal and final terminal assessment are conducted in all subjects.


Promotion for students from class LKG to Standard X is determined by Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

Promotion for higher classes depends on the student’s progress evaluated throughout the academic session.

Classworks, homeworks, project works, weekly tests, and monthly tests are conducted on a regular basis to ensure student’s improvement and continuous performance.